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Seafood night at Movenpick Hotel West Bay

‘I could hug the chef’, I remember saying to the restaurant manager as I mountained another huge serving of mussels into the plate and began walking towards the table.

Thank you for this cute gesture @movenpickwbdoha

Mövenpick Hotel is one of my favorite getaway locations and we are absolutely lucky to have three of them in Doha. I am normally not a fan of seafood except for fish n chips, sweet and sour fish and Mussels. Let me tell you a secret; you can bribe me with Mussels! Now you know the way to my heart. I am not a shrimp/lobster fan nor do I eat much of other sea foods and I cannot for the life of me eat sushi, sashimi or anything of that sort. So an invitation to taste a seafood buffet had me thinking of what I would really eat.


Fork Knife Restaurant at Mövenpick Westbay, offers a seafood night every Thursday for QR 175 per person and let me tell you, it’s so worth it. The selection of food is crazy and I bet you will be full before you taste the whole range of food. I am so glad that I tasted Seafood Paella for the first time and it is so good.

There is a raw bar with shrimps, shucked oysters and mussels. The bite size appetizers are served with utmost care given to every detail of the presentation. There is a live cooking station where you can select your own underwater treasure and the chefs can make it for you right in front of your eyes. The buffet has more than twelve varieties of the ocean beings that include shrimps, crabs, clams, mussels and one glorious beef dish.

Raw bar

There is the Qatari favorite harees and regular Meditteranean appetizers like the hummus, mutabbal, baba ganoush, tabbouleh and other salads. The varieties of seafood salads are amazing too and my favorite was the pasta and crab salad which was really flavorful.


The main course focused completely on bringing out the best seafood dishes and the varieties are Spanish Seafood Paella, Fish chilly, Indian style crab masala, prawns in a spicy sauce, shrimp termidor, spaghetti with clams and ultimately my favorite mussels. The Paella was great with all kinds of seafood in it. Mussels were my favorite of the night (Oh I love, love, love mussels).



Fish n Chips

The shrimp thermidor was perfectly seasoned and the sauce was amazing. I am not a fan of clams/scallops so did not try the dishes nor do I eat sushi. But there is something for everyone. The grilled beef tenderloin was as good as the whole seafood selection. There were quiet a few including my brother who loved the beef.

As per friends who tried the sushi, it was good and we all were happy that the seafood night was quiet a change to regular meaty nights. The restaurant was full by the 8.30pm and I could see that all of them were really enjoying the wide range of food.


The dessert options were good with the highlight, Strawberry Cheesecake. OMG how I wish I had a slice of it now. Perfectly sweet and melt in your mouth with real strawberry flavor. It was more like a mousse cake with beautiful pink color. I love it and so did others! The other desserts included assorted cake slices, baklava, ummali and a few beautiful puddings in cocktail glasses.

I highly recommend the seafood night for anyone planning to indulge in good food on a Thursday night. To reserve your table at ForKnife for the seafood night, call 44964444 or  visit here to know more.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Mövenpick Wesbay but all the opinions and reviews stated above are my own experience.


14 thoughts on “Seafood night at Movenpick Hotel West Bay

  1. Everything looks sooo good!!! I love that it’s all fresh ingredients – I’ve noticed that cuisines in the Middle East tend to have more fresh vegetables, salad varieties and dishes around that. Wishing that I lived in Qatar right now heheh 🙂

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