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Mövenpick Al Hajar Makkah ~ Makkah Hotel Review

From a city that never sleeps, I had one of the most comfortable sleeps of my life. Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts is one of the best chain hotels that I love. The distance from Jeddah airport was around 80kms and it took us one hour to reach the hotel. Located in the finest address in the holy city, Abraj Al Bait complex, there was access to the mall and other facilities within minutes from the room. And Masjid Al Haram is just foot steps away when you get down to the ground floor.

We booked our stay through and were so happy to bag a terrific deal for a Haram view room for seven nights. We were a family of four and our room was really spacious and pretty. We checked in at around 8.30 pm and it was quick. The staff right from the doorstep to the reception was so humble and professional.

As I entered the room, walked towards the window, pulled the curtains and stared at this magnificent sight of Masjid Al Haram, clicked this pic! We were in the 27th floor and the view couldn’t be any better.

The view from my room

Mövenpick Makkah offers partial and total Haram view rooms and boasts of 1,028 elegantly appointed rooms and suites to enjoy the sight of the holy Masjid from the comfort of your room. There is 24/7 internet connection, room service and delicious breakfast with the package.



The hotel also has a spa which unfortunately I did not try as I got sick soon after reaching Makkah and all I wanted to was lay on the bed.

There are five restaurants in Mövenpick Al Hajar: Al Nasim, the main dining restaurant, Al Diwan, a beautiful tea lounge, Al Naim, a tea lounge and restaurant, and two buffet venues – Al Firdaous and Hajar. The dining venues offer creative and extensive spread of International and Swiss cuisines. The breakfast spread was extensive with a lot of varieties of food and a live egg cooking station. And as a sweet lover, their pastries hold a special place in my heart.





The rooms are equipped with speakers so that the Adhan and prayers can be heard inside the room. This was a true blessing! The room also had a mini kitchen bar, daily supply of tea, coffee and water and the bathroom was equipped with high quality toileteries. The only rant I had there was the windows were not maintained well. The glass was completely stained which hindered the pictures of this beautiful Haram view.


Talk about first class service where it is packed 24/7! I cannot wait to go back and experience the hospitality once again. I would highly recommend Mövenpick as your spiritual staycation in the Clock tower, Makkah. I was totally impressed. Thank you Mövenpick Makkah for making my stay so comfortable and memorable. Maa Shaa Allah😊😊


Want to book your room at Mövenpick Makkah for your next pilgrimage? Well, this is the link and checkout for amazing offers and discounts on their website.


36 thoughts on “Mövenpick Al Hajar Makkah ~ Makkah Hotel Review

  1. Lovely review. I remember Staying at the very same hotel 2 years back when I 1st went on Umrah. Reading your post brought back so many wonderful memories. I did the exact same when I entered the room, rushed over to the window to draw back the curtains, amidst my hubby telling me not to look yet, as he wanted my 1st view of the Kabaa to be from the bottom, in front of it. But alhamdulillah, I was still awestruck everytime I got a view of the Kabaa.

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  2. Looks like a nice hotel and you have given a detailed review. The Haram view is the best. Alhamdulillah you had a wonderful stay. My mother and brothers went for Umrah three months ago, and they had a comfortable stay closer to Haram Shareef with the view. They clicked similar picture too. Your picture reminds me of that. 🙂

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  3. The hotel looks amazing. 1028 rooms ? That is huge. The view of the Haram is just bliss. There isn’t a better place than that in the world, is there?
    And when the rooms are maintained well you can actually focus on worship a lot which is the real purpose when you are there. Will definitely check it out on my next visit there insha Allah.

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  4. Mashaa Allah sis, I love your photography skills! I was very fortunate to attend ummrah 2 years ago alhamdulillah, and your post is making me feel homesick for Makkah! I pray that Allah grants me the opportunity to visit there again one day soon ❤ Jazak Allah khair for sharing such a beautiful post.

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  5. Mashaa Allah it looks so good & a beautiful review as well😍
    My mother is going for Umrah on 28th of March so I am going to tell her about this hotel because what a fantastic view of Masjid Al Haram😍
    Mashaa Allah can’t wait to experience that

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  6. So weird I actually thought I commented on this post when you just uploaded the link on the thread but I guess not. Love your pictures they REALLY make me miss Makkah, such a throwback for me. May Allah take us again Insha-Allah and always! ( and

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  7. I adore having lovely flowers in a hotel and these are a beauty. Combined with the views and the great food, I’d be happy here! #travellinkup


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