ISLA Qatar | Modern Mexican kitchen by Chef Richard Sandoval

The Pearl definitely has some of my favorite restaurants. There is a new place opening up in the Pearl every other day or so. The ever-expanding dining scenes in Doha with diverse cuisines is catering to the foodie population here with the choice of good food and beautiful ambience. Isla in the Pearl has finally opened in full swing in the last week of 2016 with a colorful and glamorous opening ceremony.


My first experience with Mexican cuisine made me think it’s all about peppers and nothing more. But I was introduced to a wrong one and I couldn’t be happier with the food at Isla. The flavors were so balanced and I was glad to see how vegetables played an important role in the cuisine.

We were greeted with good-looking welcome drinks and canapes. The drinks were a little too sharp for me but tasted quiet different too. The shrimp ceviche, empanadas and little verinnes of tomato soup were an interesting start to an awesome Mexican dinner.

Richard Sandoval, the Father of Modern Mexican Cuisine spoke about his journey of food and how everything evolved around. I was so glad to meet a celebrity Chef for the second time in 2016.


What is the single dish that make Mexican food incredible. If you ask me the only answer I have is GUACAMOLE! Guacamole is one if the simplest ingredient food that could also go wrong if not made correctly. The Guacamole and Nachos at Isla is something I can eat all day everyday!


It was a Buffet style main course with Mexican rice, Red beans chilli and tortillas with chicken, beef and shrimp fillings.  I would explain the rice and the bean chilli as exploding in flavors. What made me love it was the fact that I tasted something literally horrible in the name of Mexican and was having a totally wrong prejudice about the cuisine as a whole.


I have always loved ‘Churros’ and Isla did not disappoint at all. The desserts also included Tres Leches cake aka the three milk cake which was divine. It was not just me who loved it. Everyone raved about how light and yummy that was. There was an Avocado Cheesecake too which sadly did not do much for me. There was something that was not good about taste.

Tres Leches
Avocado Cheesecake

It was an amazing experience and was even better because I had finally eaten great Mexican food. I also believe that if you are offering country cuisines, use the right recipe and ingredients. Each cuisine has different spices and cannot be compared to another region’s food because that is simply how its made in that part of the world. There is always fusion food but there cannot be a totally different tasting food labelled as a particular cuisine.


Do you love Mexican food? Let me know in comments below!

Disclaimer: I was a guest at Isla Qatar. The review is totally based on what I experienced while there.



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