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WIDIAN -AJ ARABIA- | A Scent from the Oriental Valleys

It has been a while I have written about one of my favorite things; Perfumes. It’s not that I did not realize this and to redress the balance I have come up with an unforgettable scent that has hooked me for now! It is the season of gifts and this could be added as well.


There are not many perfumers that has made their way to the niche fragrances of the world from the Middle East, especially the GCC countries. Through focused hard work and research, Ali Al Jaberi created a fragrance line which was inspired from the roots of the Arab heritage that he came from and is impeccably complete with the balance of subtle yet heavy-hitting materials in a relatively unostentatious way. WIDIAN formerly known as AJ ARABIA was born in 2014 that skimmed its way into the niche perfume world.


What I found interesting in Al Jaberi was that he had a humble story to tell about his olfactory journey. A journey that had highs and lows and how he grew his brand and the obstacles he faced on the way. Al Jaberi spoke about creating fragrances which say a lot about a person who wants to be different, while remaining anchored to his roots and heritage.


Widian has the adventurous glamour and the unknown, discovery, strong desire and the belief that all roads lead home. WIDIAN by AJ ARABIA is a remarkable example of present-day Arabian soul, modern, but at the same time, traditional fragrances.


The bottle of Widian was inspired by the architecture of the world-famous Shelikh Zayed Mosque in Abudhabi. Luxury and craftsmanship embodied on glass, Widian comes in three collections; Gold, Black and Limited. I was humbled to be invited to the launch of the Gold Collection in Qatar at one of my favorite Fragrance Boutiques of Doha, Blue Salon.


The Gold Collection draws a line between French Perfumery and Arab deserts. The incorporation of more Oud and Amber notes in the Gold Collection has made it more Oriental and locally appealing.


Gold l, an Amber attraction like a precious stone that is sweet, warm and resinous. Rich, velvety and earthy that sets you in an imagination of your own dreams. Gold l is sensual, soft and sweet that revive a personal experience.  It opens with fresh and spicy top notes of apple and pepper. The softness of the White flowers followed by the oud lead as heart notes. The fragrance finishes with sweet aromas of vanilla, musk, sandal and amber.


Gold ll, is more oriental with Amber and rosy mist that caress your skin. Dark and gold, Gold ll is like travelling through an Arabian Safari that tells you stories, inner voice of deep tranquility, oriental rich notes and smell that leave you floating among the misty aromatic clouds. Beginning notes with saffron, orange and elemi, its heart notes soften the fragrance with scents of rose and orange blossom. The deep and sweet scents of its base notes, amber, musk, cedar and vanilla, drives you upon a road trip into the deepest mountains of Jebel Hafeet. (UAE)


The Black Collection has five perfumes in its line each speaking volumes of luxury and instantly allures the wearer anticipating beauty to be cherished. The Black Collection goes through a journey of love that starts from a first glance. The Black Collection scents range from spicy and sweet notes of cinnamon, sandalwood, musk, cedarwood, rose, vanilla, moss, citrus notes from mandarin and other citrusses, fruity and fresh top notes from plum and mint, warm notes from leather and wood and sharp notes from tuberose.


My personal favorite from the perfume line was the Gold Collection ll and Black Collection lV. Black lV tells the tale of subdued romance and is the softest among the line. It welcomes your olfactory senses with the refreshing scent of Bergamot before introducing the fruity sweetness of the blackcurrant and prune notes. The perfume’s blend of rose and white flower contributes to its spicy and floral scent, making the aroma more delicate. The base notes of vanilla and musk add a sweet and calm note to the fragrance while the leather and sandal add a natural woodiness to the fragrance, portraying Black IV as an exotic scent.


Al Jaberi also mentioned the lack of brands from the Arab world in the niche perfume scene. Arabs have the root in perfumery and is a good choice to exploit your olfactory senses. As humble a person he is, I truly enjoyed listening to him speak about his story that inspired me to write this.

Do you think Widian by AJ Arabia is your kind of scent? Visit the official page here for more information.




21 thoughts on “WIDIAN -AJ ARABIA- | A Scent from the Oriental Valleys

  1. These look lovely – beautiful packaging and very elegant. I bet they smell gorgeous too from the way you describe them. They’d make a gorgeous Christmas present and I’m in need of some new perfume!


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