Biriyani Battle at Zaffran Dining Experience

Yes you read it right! There is a thing called ‘Battle of Biriyanis’ where Biriyanis from different worlds compete with each other and you rate them on an app called ‘Urbanpoint‘ and earn a free biriyani when you order one for the month of November.

Biriyani has its origin from the Arab/Persian world and has taken over by a the Indian subcontinent. Some of the best Biriyanis I have tasted are Malabar Biriyani (which is my family’s ultimate favorite), Hyderabadi Biriyani and Pakistani Biriyani. Biriyani is a one pot dish with rice, meat, spices and herbs cooked to perfection in a sealed pot. The process is called ‘Dum’ and is one of the most tastiest ways to cook food. The exotic blend of flavors make Biriyanis a comfort food for many. Saffron and Rose water is also added to enhance the flavors of the already delicious biriyani.

I was invited to try the Biriyanis at ‘Zaffran Dining Experience’ as part of the Biriyani month by ‘Urbanpoint’. Urbanpoint offers a buy one get one free biriyani from ‘Zaffran’ during the month of November and I highly recommend you to try it.

Our dinner started off with gastronomical adventures by the chefs. The Dahi Bhalle sphere which pops in the mouth was rather cool. The Cotton Candy ale was lovely and I loved the little pink drink of cotton candy which I think was a magic when the candy dissolved into a drink.




The Stars of the night ‘Biriyanis’ entered the ramp rather quickly and our taste buds were transported to a new level of fantasy. Starting off the flavor rollercoaster with Vegetable Biriyani which was a little spicy for my tastebuds to handle. But the flavors of the ‘Dum’ was really noticeable.


Then came the Chicken Biriyani and I was so happy with how it tasted. The chicken and rice were cooked to perfection. There was enough masala in each spoonfuls so that the rice never felt dry.

The Lamb Biriyani was third to come and completely blew me away. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend you to try it when you visit ‘Zaffran’. For my family there is nothing like a good Lamb Biriyani for a  Friday afternoon lunch. Growing up my Mum used to always make this on Fridays and now I have taken over the tradition.


Then arrived the shells of the sea, Prawn Biriyani. I did not try this because I always try to avoid eating seafood and meat together. But from fellow foodies this was great and some of them loved this one the most.

Last came the Butter Chicken Biriyani. Succulent pieces of chicken smothered in Butter chicken gravy and rice made up for my second favorite Biriyani. I am craving this as I write now!


Our dinner came to a sweet ending with the signature ‘Ras Malai’ from Zaffran Dining.


Download the ‘Urbanpoint’app and use it to dine at ‘Zaffran’ to earn a complimentary Biriyani when you order one before the end of November. ‘Urbanpoint’ has buy one get one deals and a food theme every month. I am secretly waiting for the chocolate/ice-cream month😂😂.


I strongly believe Biriyanis need to be  classified as  a food group of its own. There is nothing more satisfying than a good Biriyani served with Raita and Pickles. Visit ‘Zaffran Dining Experience’ to experience the art of Biriyani.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Zaffran Dining Experience. However, the reviews and thoughts on the food are all mine.


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