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Doha Bloggers Conference by Zomato – Business of Blogging defined

“It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together”

The Local Restaurant Finder App, Zomato stepped up a notch and bought into reality the first ever Bloggers’ Conference in Doha! As a dear friend told ‘Who on earth would have thought there would be a conference for Bloggers’!!


Doha is a small world and the business of blogging has just begun and now is the right time to invest in Social Media for brands! Zomato bought almost all of the Bloggers and Social Media Influencers in Doha under one roof at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Saturday, 12th November 2016. It was an evening filled with informative sessions, personal blogging experiences, live interacting sessions with brands and lots of food. There is always a free flow of foods at Zomato events and always so thankful for it. Needless to say the Meet n Greet session with fellow bloggers was as enjoyable as it could get.


My experience at the conference was something that is hard to put into words. To be honest I had one of the best grooming session as a relatively new blogger (I have been blogging for almost a year now). As this was the first Conference it was a first time experience for everyone. The excitement was at its peak when the hashtag #ZomatoCon was trending on Twitter in the region within the first hour of the Conference and lasted for more than when the event was over.


Everything connected to blogging was discussed from the caption to the social media content formation, from pictures to tips on taking the perfect photographs and tips and tricks to make brands recognize your work and collaborate. As an additional sprinkles on the ice cream, there was raffle draws which had amazing gifts from Baking Workshop at Magnolia Bakery to a weekend stay at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Doha. Fortunately my name was not drawn!😎😎


I am going to share with y’all some of the highlights of the wonderful personalities who spoke at the #ZomatoCon. The Master of ceremonies, Nabil Al Nashar and Heytham Bennani, regional Manager of Zomato Qatar, welcomed everyone and the amazing night went on.


Intersting insights about Social Media Influence was shown by Mr Luke Longney, Marketing Director from Vodafone. Vodafone chose extreme rural villages and sponsored mobile networks and smartphones to people who knew nothing about Internet and technologies. The impact of smartphones on people’s lives were truly showcased. Watch this video to know more!

‘What is a blog?

A blog is anything you want it to be’

Brands approach Bloggers who stick to their niche. Do not accept every offer that comes your way’

Mohammad Nasir (Brand representative from Chevrolet)

‘Success does not come overnight. What was meant to come to you will surely reach you. It’s just the right time that matters.

Do not use your blog to name/shame anyone. Be positive always.

Support from family is an integral part of my blogging.

Be kind! Be kind to everyone around you. Be kind to people who are even rude to you’


-Khansa ( Personal Blogging journey by Creativity with Kay)

‘ Pictures make your work easy.

Light is your best friend.

Invest in good lenses. The question often photographers get is which camera did you use to take the picture. It is equal to asking which keyboard did you use to write the article to an editor’


– Aref Hussain ( Director of Qatar Photography Club)

Content is the king followed by engagement and followers.

– Giulia Previati (Communications Supervisor at Salam Studios and Stores)

Posting the same content on multiple Social Media platforms is not interesting.

As bloggers we need to support each other rather than pulling down on the internet.

– Polly Byles (Communications Professional and Blogger at Follow your Sunshine)

You are not an actor. You are much more than that. You are the content creator. You are the  brand with the actual person behind the brand being you.

-Aziz Louksah (Chief Storyteller at Commverse)


Brands choose different form of medias to advertise, print and digital.

– Noha Belhaj ( Marketing Communications Manager at Grand Hyatt Doha)

Make sure to remove offensive content on public platforms. On my social media pages it is my personal interest!

-Ola Diab (BQ Plus)

Do not settle for collaborations you do not like. Continue to show your work and in the long run brands will contact you for what you are.

– Rabia Rashid (PR and Media Consultant)

You cannot please everyone. You are not everyone’s cup of tea. You are doing something right when at least one person do not like what you do.

– Hamad Al Amari ( The Qatari Guy) Comedian and Producer

Enter a caption

We left the conference with a smile, learning one or two new things about what should be the focus in our mind. It was more than seven hours of unending information!

The Conference came to an end with delicious finger foods and beverages at Rocca, the pool side restaurant in Grand Hyatt, Doha.


Once again a huge thanks to all the sponsors; Grand Hyatt Doha, Salam Stores, Vodafone, Canon, Chargello, Crunch, Jaidah Automotive and BQ Plus. A huge applause to Zomato for making this marvellous and amazing summit come true!

Keep it simple

Keep it honest

Keep it you



20 thoughts on “Doha Bloggers Conference by Zomato – Business of Blogging defined

  1. I’ve not been to a bloggers conference before but I’m hoping to go to one next year so thanks for the insight! It looks like a great resource for bloggers!

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  2. Good advice to read here. Indeed, success doesn’t just come in instant. And congratulations on your first bloggers’ conference attendance. I am pretty sure that you got excited and happy throughout the experience.

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