What’s new at Hush Puppies this winter

Hush Puppies, the American comfort footwear brand, has launched the AW16  collection and it looks as beautiful as it expected to be! Hush Puppies adds to the wonderful weather with its soft, casual and comfortable footwear.


In 1958, Hush Puppies introduced to the world a new kind of footwear, shoes with casual style and an easygoing attitude made to relax in and be worry free. Hush Puppies’ is one of my favorite footwear brand solely for the comfort it provides for day-to-day wear!

Hush Puppies’ AW16 collection features sneering  timeless designs  and beseech effortless looks that can be worn for any occasions. The new line is inspired by the cool 1970’s vibes and its vivid suedes. It boasts a rare combination of comfort, style and ease which are meant for everyday wear and supports an active lifestyle.

Hush Puppies’ has designed two-line of footwear bearing in mind the diversity of everyday life. Hush Puppies has captured active casual stories in its Body Shoe line and weekday office settings with Dress Casualline.

Winters are a celebration in GCC. It is time for outdoor activities since the temperatures fall into the 20s. The AW16 collection from Hush Puppies is designed to suit every occasion, being multi-purpose in nature, taking one smoothly from formal to casual to dressy. Hush Puppies believes nothing should get in between you and comfort.

“So this season, it’s all about the comfort that has been trademark style for decades and has made us a favorite with millions of people worldwide. In 1958, Hush Puppies created the world’s first casual shoe, signaling the beginning of today’s relaxed style. We’re celebrating who we are and embracing our core values—every day in every style”

Hush Puppies stores are located at Villagio Mall, Gulf Mall and Shoe Citi in LandMark Mall in Qatar.



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