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When I styled my husband with Levi’s

My husband and me totally share opposite interests, colors, food and fashion. The saying ‘opposites attract’ is so true in our life. Whenever he chooses an outfit for me I hate it and when I choose something for him, he ditches it. But something turned a round way this time when I chose to style him with something I selected on my own.

Levi’s has a relaunch happening in Doha and first of its outlet is opening in the Gulf Mall on Thursday 27th October 2016. Me along with some fabulous bloggers of Doha was invited to choose Levi’s outfit to style ourselves. As Levi’s is 70% menswear I went on to choose an outfit for my man.

I stuck on to the classic blue denim and a good white shirt. I was sure my husband would like it because I have seen him pair blue denim and white shirts so much. After all its been almost ten years since we are together and I was by heart of his size. Moreover classics can never go wrong. The clothes I selected fit well and Mr. M was one happy man!

The challenging part was the styling photo shoot. Now, I have never done a photoshoot before and I don’t even possess a professional camera. I just went ahead because I know its the imperfections that will make room for development. So I styled my model with the Levi’s outfit and we played something like a snake and ladder game!

We couldn’t stop laughing while taking the pictures. All that I know was we were trying something we never did before. And I know my editing skills are worst!

Outfit details;

Jeans       – Levi’s Straight leg Button-Fly

Shirt   – Levi’s Sunset Two Pocket Shirt White

Shoes  – Levi’s Men’s  Summer Sandals Black

Belt         – Levi’s Reversible Belt Black

What do you think about the style?


23 thoughts on “When I styled my husband with Levi’s

  1. You can’t go wrong with a white shirt and blue jeans. I would love to have been there when you were doing your photo shoot, it sounds as though you had an absolute ball and your photos have turned out really well. Good job all round #WeekendBlogShare x

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  2. Those jeans are lovely. Really nice shape and the colour is just classic. You can’t go wrong. Oh I would be in fits of giggles doing the shoot with my other half. At least you both can laugh together which is lovely to read. Well done! #weekendblogshare

    Liked by 1 person

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