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What it felt like to disconnect from Social Media for a month

I have not been blogging for more than a month now. I missed being online most of the time but little did I know about the benefits I was experiencing.


I went for vacation to Kerala during the first week of September with my better half Mr. M.


I had planned on posting so much on Social Media and a couple of blogposts too. But luck had me the other way round. My cell phone would not pick up any network signal when I was at home. I could not even make a call if I wanted to. Whenever I would go out my phone would work and I would be engulfed in keep up with all thats happening on my social media pages. But that did not last long and I would be back home again by night and zero internet again.

In Kerala, I got up to this amazing view everyday! What I miss most in Doha now is the clouds.


The lush greenery and heavy rains all around had transformed my ultra tired eyes (from looking at my phone screen for  hours) to a healthy one. I did not have vision problems but there was something that was kind of heavy on my eyes. Without internet for most of the time made me not think about using my smart phone and I was at peace. My head was cleared of thinking what to post next and I could really sit down and enjoy the minute details of nature around me.

I had a lovely vacation time spent with family and friends. I even met a long lost friend after almost 12 years! Mr. M is not keen on travelling a lot so had a lot of time to sit at home. I think these pictures makes your eyes cool too! I love nature and greenery more than anything.

As much as I enjoyed sitting back and getting inspired from the nature around I couldn’t wait to reach back to Doha which is my home. Blogging has made my life so interesting and I am always occupied with things that I need to be doing.

The sky above Doha; no clouds😢


Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month I had a beautiful Pink Tea Party at Intercontinental Doha The City right after I landed back. It is beautiful to be back at blogging again (which I missed the most) and the Pink Tea Party was such a good start.

Its good to take a break from what we do atleast for a month every year. You get a good rest which makes a refreshing start to everything when back. I miss the dark rainy days and coconut trees!



14 thoughts on “What it felt like to disconnect from Social Media for a month

  1. I agree. Taking a break from social media is so relaxing at times haha. But then I go to Kerala for two weeks and after the end of first week I am counting days to get back home. Lol
    I miss the greenery and the rain though. And beef fry😂😂😂

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    1. Yes I always long to come back to Doha no matter where I go. Yes beef fry is something that cannot be left out while coming back! When I travel to naturally amazing places like waterfalls and mountainous areas I just don’t want to go away!

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  2. Sometimes just disconnecting from the world can do you the world of good. I would love to just have a weekend break away with no contact to anything and anyone. Your pictures are truly stunning, bet you felt so peaceful and refreshed surrounded by all that lovely scenic nature! #weekendblogshare

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  3. It’s hard to keep away from social media for bloggers like us but that’s something makes our trip much better …..I usually try to make a note of what to post while travelling and start with the work once back to home and indulge myself solely in exploring the city…


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