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Diner Station| American fusion dining in The Pearl

I happened to come across Diner Station in The Pearl during an invitation to review a small yet sweet Afternoon Tea at Karaki.  Diner Station is part of the dining options at Megapolis, an entertainment unit for adults and kids in Medina Centrale, The Pearl Qatar.

The interiors of Diner Station is a bit retro with copper color coated pipelines going all through the ceiling and down to the walls. Loud music, wooden tables, comfy chairs and yellow lighting makes it look like a place in the 1970’s.




To begin with the food review, I need to speak about the service. I have never seen such good service from the restaurant staff in Doha before. The waiters were very active with a smile on their face each time. For me sad-looking waiters are a put off! So this made me know that the management is a good one!

Moving onto the food, I have tasted one of the best American foods ever. All the food that we ordered were loaded with flavor that makes you yearning for more! After all its the flavors that win all the time. The fact that I went to Diner Station on a Wednesday night only to see it packed with people is a proof of the good food served there!


We were served welcome drinks and Nachos with salsa and  guacamole as we were seated. The chips and salsa was so good! I had to control eating as I knew I had to eat more.


For the starters we ordered a Chicken basket, C4 fries and  Moxi Lollipops. I know the names need explanation and yes the staff who took our order helped us decide by explaining the dishes to us. The menu has a brief of every dish at the restaurant which makes it easy to order too. They have a good drinks menu too to choose from.


The C4 fries was one dish that we ordered a second portion because we couldn’t stop eating that. Delicious is not an enough word. Fries topped with mince, cheese, sauce and jalapeno that had every texture possible from crunchy fries to gooey cheese and juicy meat and hot jalapeno!


The Moxxi Lollies were beef cubes glazed in a sesame soy glaze and was tender and juicy. It was good but C4 fries was our favorite. The Chicken basket did not meet my expectation. Yes the chicken was perfectly cooked but the flavor for me was a strong hint of cumin. The chicken was served in a basket which I think was edible but was too tough to even break.


The main course for the night was Chicken Cordon Bleu, Mexican chicken sliders and Rack of Lamb. The two dishes were out of the world!  The lamb chops were perfectly well done and seasoned to perfection. The gravy that accompanied was good too!


Moving onto the Chicken Cordon Bleu which I had ordered was the most moist, tender and succulent chicken breast I have ever eaten. The cheese and mushroom stuffing inside tasted oh so good! Definitely a must try.



Mexican Chicken sliders as the name suggests bursted with salsa and guacamole apart from the juicy chicken breast and the soft buns! I think  these sliders are the most ordered food out of the whole menu as waiters were running around with these cute burgers to almost all the tables!


We were so full by the end of this that we skipped desserts. I know you must be thinking being a dessert girl how could I do that but that was how good the food was. Fresh and hot food that tasted natural without so many sauces/additives that makes it a hearty meal.

Apart from a small confusion about our booking and the too loud music (I do not like loud music while dining) that kind of distracted me from the yummy food, the whole experience at Diner Station was incredible.

Have you been to Diner Station? Hurry and experience an unforgettable dining experience. You can find Diner Station on Zomato.


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