Sabai Thai at Westin

This post has taken a lot of time to publish. I had drafted this and totally forgot about it (I have many posts drafted in that corner of my blog which I seriously need to declutter)! Sorry for that and now to the food review!

It is not only new eateries thats coming up in Doha frequently. The hospitality sector is on a roll and adding to this there is a new luxury hotel which is not in the West Bay. The Westin, Doha. Located in Fereej Mahmoud, this hotel stands out in the heart of Doha City. Westin has got beautiful dining options too. Sabai Thai is the new Thai food place in Doha.



I have never had authentic Thai food before. Yes I have tried making the Thai Green Chicken curry and that is the only relation I have with Thai food. What I found interesting in Thai food is the use of sweet, sour and spicy notes that make your tastebuds really confused!

It was a media dinner tasting at Sabai Thai and I was privileged to be invited. As it was a different cuisine, I was looking forward to the event.


Our seating was arranged facing the coutyard of Westin and the beautiful spring weather complimented the dinner. To start with we were served Larb Gai, Som Tam Thai, Yam Mamuang Poo Nim.


The names are completely Thai and if not for the description in the menu I would not have known any of the dishes for the night.


Larb Gai was Minced Chicken salad with shallot, mint leaves, chee frang, chili powder and grounded sticky rice. Tasted delicious and spicy. When I say spicy, I mean fiery hot. But again the filling was so flavorful. Som Tam Thai was a dish with wild betel leaves, dried shrimp, shallot, lime, chili, toasted coconut and a ginger dressing. These flavors were first time to me and I found it to be very sharp. Frankly, I did not enjoy the starters at all. Yam Mamuang Poo Nim was spiced mango salad with fried soft shell crab. This was the spiciest of all.


The main course on the other hand was mild in flavors. The spice from the starters were high and the main course was a relief to my tastebuds. We were served Phad Thai Goong Sood i.e. traditional Thai style stir-fried rice noodles, with fresh prawns, bean sprout, tofu and peanuts. The dish was beautiful and the flavors were good. Not being a big fan of seafood I did not eat this much.


Next came the Pla Grapong Ob Smoonprai, which was the baked marinated whole seabass and thai herbs served with steamed vegetables. The fish was very well cooked and flaky. Absolutely soft and the flavors and seasoning was perfect.


With rhe main course came a selection of the Thai curries. The Gaeng Khiew Wan Gai which was Green curry with chicken, Thai eggplant and sweetbasil. The second curry was the Garng Mussaman Nuea that was braised beef curry with new potatoes, shallots and peanuts. The beef curry was a bit too sweet but the green curry chicken was amazing. Accompanied with Thai white rice the dishes from the main course was truly enjoyed. What I found with the food is they were real Thai food with no fusions. Remarkable indeed.



Desserts was something I was looking forward to. The desserts for the night was Khow Niew Mamaung and Ice cream Gathi Sod. Khow Niew Mamaung was the infamous Coconut Sticky rice with mango. This dessert was lovely, the delicious mango paired with salty and sweet sticky rice was amazing.


The coconut Icecream was the second dessert and was the best. The tastiest coconut icecream I have ever had. Each mouthful sang coconut and it came with different condiments like yam, papaya and peanuts to name a few. All of these complimented the ice cream so well.


My experience at Sabai Thai was a rollercoaster ride from very high spice tones to beautifully mild undertones and a delicious sweet ending. The desserts were too good, I kept raving about the icecream.

Sabai Thai also offers cooking lessons. Head out and visit to have some authentic Thai food! You can find them on Zomato too!

Did you dine at Sabai Thai and what did you feel like?



14 thoughts on “Sabai Thai at Westin

  1. I haven’t been at Sabai Thai yet, it looks like a great place to stay in. The khow niew mamaung dessert had similar dish in Philippines where it is made up from glutinous rice or sticky rice.

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  2. It’s always so interesting to discover what authentic food is compared to what we call the cuisine in the US. Thai was entirely different as you said. I think my mouth was on fire the entire time I was visiting Thailand, but it’s worth it because the food is delicious. I even took a cooking class to learn to make the Thai green curry. I only wish I could find all the proper ingredients for the recipe to make it at home!

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  3. What a great write up and so glad to see Thai cuisine coming your way. The dishes you wrote about are incredible. So different than the typical Thai dishes we find in the U.S. The sea bass, Larb Gai and of course the coconut ice cream, all look delicious. Great write up and so glad you got to discover authentic Thai cuisine ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. How I wish I can go to Doha and try them out myself. Unfortunately, I’ve never been out of the country. When opportunity allows, I would love to visit other countries too. Your photos are all so tempting. The food looks really delicious.

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