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Dubai International Holy Quran Award 2016

Ramadan in Middle East is rather the same everywhere. There are plenty of Ramadan activities going on which are part of government tourism and private sector. Dubai is one of the most famous tourist destinations and Ramadan activities in Dubai is aimed at both fasting and non-fasting communities. There is cultural and family oriented events and activities to both residents and visitors.


Since 1997, Dubai has been organizing one of the biggest Quran recitation competitions ‘The Dubai International Holy Quran Award’ and I lookout for this event every year. Competitors from different parts of the world take part in this prestigious event.


The Dubai International Holy Quran Award was founded in 1997 under the directive of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The event features Holy Quran memorization contests, as well as lectures on Islam at various locations across the emirate – the event is aimed at confirming and celebrating Islamic values. Many world renowned Islamic scholars have been invited to enliven this spiritual month.


My brothers love to take part in Quran competitions and therefore events related to Quran and Islam are very special to me. I always lookout for the winner of the ‘Dubai International Holy Quran Award’ because it gives you so much motivation and the prize for the lucky winner is Dhs 250,000.


This year the top position of the ‘International Holy Quran Competition’ and Dh250,000 prize money was won by 20-year-old Turki bin Muqrin bin Ahmed Alabdulmunim of Saudi Arabia.

The second position was shared by 17-year-old Bilal Abdulkhalikov from Dagestan and 14-year-old Adeen Shahzad Rehman from the USA, who won Dh200,000 each. The other winners included Abdulrahman Abduljalil (Libya), Abdullah Al Mamun (Bangladesh), Ibrahim Ismael (Niger), Ekaha Beitate (Mauritania), Toufiq Abdelli (Algeria), Jasim Khalifa (Bahrain) and Malek Adnan (Jordan).

The ceremony also saw the honouring of the 20th Islamic Personality of the Year Award to renowned Emirati Islamic scholar Shaikh Mohammad Ali Sultan Al Ulama.


May Almighty Allah bless all of you and strengthen your faith in Islam. May you bring peace and prosperity to the whole world and reach more heights.



9 thoughts on “Dubai International Holy Quran Award 2016

  1. How come we have never heard of this Award while being in dubai? 😮 sounds so cool. We need more competitions like these for the encouragement of youth ❤

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    1. Oh Are you in Dubai?!! It is held for so many years. May be because my family is always into Quran Competitions we were aware of this. Yes all are yound boys that have won this year’s competition.

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  2. Sahar!! I come here via the MB FB group request from you haha. Small world!

    I remember your Quran recitations from school days. Masha Allah you have an amazing talent. I am pretty sure your brothers do amazing too!

    I have heard about this competition always but not followed so closely!

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    1. Ohh I am overwhelmed! Yes I used to recite back in school competitions and Alhamdulillah my father was so keen in making us learn Tajweed really well! My brothers are Alhamdulillah doing very well.. Thank you soo much dear friend!

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