Orient Pearl | My favorite Arabian Dining Spot in Doha

Orient Pearl is a fine eatery in the heart of Doha, right next to the new Desert Rose inspired Qatar National Museum. As the name suggests, the place is home to one of the most remarkable Arabic dining spots.




There is live Arabic music and a small courtyard kind of place in the middle with a beautiful glass waterfall.


Ifthar and Suhoor is nothing short of festive at Orient Pearl. I was invited for a Media Suhoor and I was more than in love.



The food was a grand setting of classic Arabic cold mezzes as we arrived. Freshly baked ‘Khubz’ (Pita bread) and lots of salads. When we were done with the cold mezzes, arrived the hot mezzes that included Kibbeh, Arayes, Chicken wings, crispy pastry rolls stuffed with cumin lamb and fried potatoes. The main course included Mixed grill platter, rice and kibbeh in yogurt sauce. Desserts were a mix of arabic sweets.





Orient Pearl has also got the famous Ladies only breakfasts on Saturdays and believe me it is so popular. Women can enjoy food and leave the kids to play right outside the restaurant that is equipped with a vast childrens’ play area.



The location of the restaurant is right opposite to the Corniche. A sea view dining spot with lots of seating options ranging from outdoor, to indoor seating even on the first floor. The interiors of the restaurant seems like staright out of an Arabian palace potraying luxury and class. You are treated to authentic Syrian food.



The breakfast options included everything from Manakeesh, Saj, Hummus, Labneh balls, Cheese coated in Zaatar, Olives, selection of cheese, eggs and Falafel. Their Falafel is best in town. I could seriously eat just these and be contented. They were keen in explaining each dish. There was too much good food that we ended up full too soon.



They even have online reservations. There is so many seating options to choose from and caters requirement of large or small group of people. I can’t wait to go back!

So plan your next meal at Orient Pearl and let me know if you like it!


13 thoughts on “Orient Pearl | My favorite Arabian Dining Spot in Doha

  1. Was the pinkish light (from the food closeup) from your own flash or was that the lighting in the entire room? I love it, gives it a nice feeling of being somewhere extremely luxury. Thanks for the food review.


    1. The pink light was in the hall. Infact all Ramadan tents in Qatar has pink lights. It looks good but I think white light is the best one for pictures! It was luxurious too..


  2. The food looks scrumptious and the place looks like a set of an indie movie. I love the bright colors of the room and the food. It is a great idea to have this situated facing an ocean movie. It is also great for mom’s as they allow a separate area for the children. I will list this down on my places to visit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure. The best kid friendly eatery in Doha. You can watch your kids play as the walls areade of glass and just outside is the play area.


  3. Ladies only Saturday breakfast?! That sounds so fantastic.. And they will watch your kids? Man, the Orient Pearl knows how to treat their ladies…… If only there were more places like that in the US. I’d be hanging out there every Saturday!

    All those pictures of the mezzes are making my drool! I LOVE trying different foods, especially Pacific Asian/Middle Eastern/Eastern European foods. I’m Japanese so I have a pretty good grasp on East Asian foods, but I love how different the tastes get the farther you travel across Asia; even being the same continent! If ever I’m in Qatar, I’ll make sure to visit this post again and try out all of the food you posted!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh I hope you visit Qatar! Yes you can see the kids play because the play area is just outside the glass walls. And yes the Ladies breakfast is soo good and so popular!


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