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Ifthar Menu Tasting at Hilton Doha

Yet another Ramadan has arrived. How fast does time fly. Ramadan is the most beautiful month for Muslims around the world. We fast during the day time and at dusk open our fasts that is called ‘Ifthar’. Ifthar is supposed to be light and filling. The purpose of Ramadan is not the feast of Ifthar. It is the spirituality you earn and bonding with the Creator! Ramadan Kareem to all my readers..


The ‘Ifthar’ scenes in Qatar is is limitless. From the tiniest place to the most upscale eatery, Ifthar is a celebration. Today I am writing to you about the ‘Ifthar menu tasting’ event I attended in Hilton Doha a few days back.


To begin with, there was so much food. I really have very light ifthar and I doubt how I would be able to enjoy all the delicacies when I go for a real Ifthar like this. Nonetheless the feast is amazing, to the eyes and the heart! And an event with fellow Food Bloggers and PRs is always fun. We had super funny conversations as we ate!


The Ifthar menu was made by the Egyptian Chef Kareem and his team did a very wonderful job. The cold mezze display was exceptional. The hummus, muthabbal, muhammara, tabbouleh, grape leaves and baba ganoush were some of the appetizers. I cannot forget the beautiful salads too.




We were seated on a big round table. Everyone could talk to everyone and the chef delighted us with serving the main course dishes on the table. It was a merry go round with food. Oh My! There was so much delicious dishes in front if your eyes for the whole time. I was living in a real life dream food heaven. The main course included all the famous Egyptian dishes.


The Fatteh to begin with which is layered rice and flat bread mixed in tomato based sauce and served with lamb was the centrepiece. The Bechamel pasta was mindblowing. So damn good!


The other dishes for the night was Koshari, which is an Egyptian rice dish with lentils.and pasta and served with two kinds of sauces.


The vermicelli rice, lamb and okra stew, mixed grilled kebabs, fish fillets in saffron sauce, chicken and mushrooms and chicken biriyani were some of the dishes among the main course.





As the main course was devoured there came a problem! My stomach was soo full and there was a huge dessert buffet waiting. How could I leave it alone. I wanted to jump a little and make space inside. All of us talked and let the food slowly make room for the dessert. Either ways dessert directly goes to my heart which God has blessed me with a big one though!


The dessert menu started with the most delicious and sweet ‘sticky date pudding’. It was warm, it was sweet and it was buttery caramel goodness. So delicious that I only wanted to eat this for the rest of my life. And the most sad part was I forgot to.take a picture of the dish. I was lost in the flavor!


There was backlavas, creme caramel, cheesecakes, umm ali, halwa bi Jibn (arabic cheese filled desserts), basbousa and fresh fruits. All of these tasted average compared to the ‘gooeey sticky date pudding’. My heart too was full with all the sugar.



Thank you Hilton Doha for the amazing Ifthar menu and I would recommend everyone to go and try Hilton Doha’s menu in Ramadan.

The price for Ifthar and Suhoor at Hilton is QR  220 per person.


3 thoughts on “Ifthar Menu Tasting at Hilton Doha

    1. Thank you and hotels make Ifthars so grand these days with hundreds of dishes. The sad part is we cannot eat all these for Ifthar. We become full just as soon as we eat alittle and so much food is wasted.

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