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Vegan Dinner Tasting | A Divine Food Journey

I love food! Infact I love organic fruits and vegetables and the foods prepared using them. When I think of Vegan food endless vegetables flash theough my eyes. The thing I love about vegans are they are super sweet people who do not want to hurt any creatures. Kudos to all of you vegans who are reading this! When I was invited to taste the vegan dinner cooked by a dear friend, I was so very happy. The first thing because she makes the best raw chocolate in the whole world. I am addicted to these!



Ana Castro, a holistic health coach who has been living a complete vegan lifestyle making the perfect elixirs and the best Raw Chocolate. I am someone who hates the store bought dark chocolate. Ana is the founder of Biss Raw Chocolates, and take my word, these are the best chocolates you will ever eat. Made with so much love and passion, these melt in your mouth recipe is something I want to tell the whole world about. Ana loves to talk about holistic living and the nutritional value of foods.


The event was held at ‘Just In Case’ Mediterranean Restaurant. ‘Just In Case’ is a family living room style eatery where you can get healthy and the other conventional foods. The owners Mr and Mrs Paul of ‘Just In Case’ were such friendly people to be with.


Ana talked about the food that we were going to have. We were served an alkaline water. Honestly I am no fan of lemonades or lemon water and I could not drink this with my food. So I chose a normal still water.


The vegan style is all different with the desserts first. So its not really the vegan style. Infact we should be eating desserts first so that its easier for our food to get absorbed into the body. We were served the ‘Vegan chocolate cake’ that was so rich in flavors. There was no artificial sugar or flavors but the cake was just too good. Infused with superfoods and sweetened with date syrup the cake had a fudge consistency. Dense in flavors.



Then came the kale chips and I couldn’t stop munching on these. I don’t eat chips normally. The kale was beautifully baked with olive oil and celtic sea salt. We were served Quinoa and Oatmeal bread which so moist and flavorful.



The starters included Cucumber rolls filled with sunflower seed paste. The flavors were great once again. There was another dish that was Polenta balls in a cashew based white sauce. This resembled a dish called ‘upma’ which is made with semolina in some parts of India. Ana used some herbs like basil in this dish and it was good again.




The main course was vegan pizza and Quinoa burger with portobello Mushroom. I am a pizza addicted soul. Vegan pizza is no different. What surprised me was the cheese. The pizza base was made using oatmeal and the cheese was a reduction of cashew and tapioca cooked and set and cut into round slices. The tomato sauce was complete with perfect pizza flavors and the cheese was gooey too. I ended up eating the whole portion that was served to me. The portobello mushroom was served as the bun for the quinoa burger. Served with tomatoes and lettuce this was a complete fast food. There was so much food and I was really full when the zoodles arrived. Made with zucchini, zoodles were tossed in the cashew white sauce.



After the dinner I was not feeling heavy at all. The food was so light and filling. Vegan food is not simply salads or boring raw vegetables. This dinner made me realize I love and appreciate vegetables, grains and nuts even more.


These superfood infused Raw chocolates from Biss Raw Chocolates is my favorite dark / raw chocolate and I really cannot get enough of it!

Disclaimer: I was invited to the event but all the opinions are mine.


8 thoughts on “Vegan Dinner Tasting | A Divine Food Journey

    1. Thw water is basically just water diluted with lemonjuice and cucumber and I think she added some leaves too.


    1. Infact I love everything other than zoodles. Not a fan of zucchini. Chocolate is by far the best!


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