My Favorite Food Spots in Doha

This month’s Qatar link-up topic was to write about our Favorite Place to eat in Doha. The moment I saw this I knew this would be the most difficult thing to write about. Seriously because I cannot pick one and write. I have different meals that I like from different restaurants. So here is my share of the places I like to eat from and I would recommend to anyone else.

Breakfast at Sandwich Factory


I love sandwiches / fatayers for breakfast and there is no second thought on where to go. Sandwich Factory is located in The Gate Mall and it opens  from 7am until 11pm. The place is so chic and stylish. The best recommendation and my favorite was the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. The filling is right hit on spot and the cheese is all gooey. The bread is so soft. The other favorites from Sandwich Factory is the desserts. I love the cheesecake and the tarts.


Breakfast at Orient Pearl


The Saturday ladies breakfast is what I tried from Orient Pearl and if you are looking for a great Arabic breakfast to enjoy with your friends, this is the place to go to. The food here will mesmerize you. My favorite was the falafel with tahini sauce. These are melt in your mouth yet crunchy and so light. The staff here is wonderful in explaining the dishes. Other dishes include hummus, cheese platter, mana’keesh and eggs.


Lunch from Royal Tandoor


So what is it about this restaurant that is found in the souq, the Pearl and Ezdan Mall. Super beautiful inside with curtained sections and beautiful seating arrangements that ensure complete privacy. Beware though! Book in advance because the curtained sections get filled up too fast. Indian food is always fascinating. At Royal Tandoor, it is no different. My favorites from here is the Punjabi Aloo and Roomali Rotti. Oh I cannot forget the chicken chaat, so good. The lamb kebabs were just melting in my mouth. A place to take out friends for an Indian lunch.


Burgers from Burger Gourmet


Who doesn’t love a burger night? And when your burgers are light and don’t leave grease marks on your hands and dress the love intensifies. That is what you get with burgers at Burger Gourmet in the Lagoona Mall. The new menu here offers new delicious additions to the already proven classics. My favorite one is the Wagyu pulled beef burger, fish nuggets and the cheese balls. Super delicious Oreo Cheesecake is a  promising dessert too.


Dinner from Biella

2016-04-05 23.19.26

Straight to the pastas and pizzas. Biella has done a very good job by giving ne the ultimate comfort food for me; Pastas and Pizza. You can find many outlets accross Qatar and the food is good everytime. The Pasta Aurora is my favorite along with the Margarita Pizza.


Salads from Paper Moon


Paper Moon located in the Jaidah Square has got some amazing salads to satisfy your healthy cravings. The baby spinach and sundried tomato salad was my favorite when I dined in there. Also the baked eggplants was worthy mentioning among my favorite foods.


Dessert from Sugar and Spice


I am a dessert addict and I seriously know what makes me happy. I don’t eat sugar everyday but when I am eating I devour the most delicious ones. The ‘Lotus Flower’ from Sugar and Spice is my favorite Lotus dessert. The vrunchy tuilles with the lotus base and chocolate filling is to die for.

Red Velvet Cake from MRA


The famous Indian restaurant, MRA is home to my ultimate Red Velvet Cake. This post wouldn’t be complete if I did not mention the beauty of this delicious little thing. So moist and decadent with the perfect cream cheese frosting, I truly love this. I have recommended it to so many of my friends and has turned into a love affair for everyone! If you haven’t tried please do it and thank me later.

So these sums up some of my favorite dining spots for different foods. Of course I have some more favorite dining options in Doha but I can’t write everything in one post!! And I hope you enjoyed reading this. Do let me know if you try something from these and enjoyed them!



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