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Sandwich Factory | Uptake on the famous street foods

There is a new eatery in the luxurious Gate Mall which will amaze you not only with sandwiches but also the desserts. I had an opportunity to taste the menu at Sandwich Factory with awesome foodies of the Doha Tweetup Community.


As the restaurant scene in Qatar is changing day by day with openings of a new place almost every week. What makes the food at Sandwich Factory stand out is the freshness and the prices. Those of you who are in Qatar knows ‘Gate Mall’ is one of the super luxurious shopping malls. Considering this fact, Sandwich Factory is a common mans’ place.

The set up of Sandwich Factory is just like a factory. The breads are made in house and the fillings are endless. I met fellow foodies Gopika, Manju and Khansa and we literally had a blast with food and fun. I love when your eating company is as awesome as you. Ahem… We ordered different items from the menu and had a taste of everything.


Our food included the Zaatar and Cheese Mana’keesh (pronounced Mana- eesh), mini falafel sandwiches, mini and large shawarmas which are all popular street foods in the Arab world. As recommended by the staff, we ordered a Philly Cheese Steak and was mindblown. The sandwich was just deliciousness overload. The bread was so soft like a cloud, the beef filling was tender and juicy and rightly spiced. The cheese was all goeey and hot! All stars for this beautiful sandwich.



The Mana’keesh was not upto my expectation but the falafel and shawarma was really good. And guess what, all the items that were so budget friendly. Doesn’t leave a hole in your pockets.



As I mentioned above this place is not just sandwiches. They have some of the most beautiful desserts that actually make you feel light rather than the guilt. We decided to try the Strawberry tart, eclairs and cheesecake.


Best thing first, The Cheesecake with fig sauce. I am not a fan of dry figs. Give me fresh ones and I would devour them. So the sauce was too sweet but the cheesecake was the best I have ever had. So light and airy that you feel the float in your mouth. And the cheese filling was not too sweet which balanced everything else. Then comes the Tart. Who doesn’t like a tart and I am no exception. This one was extremely good. The crunch of the shell to the pastry cream filling and the glazed strawberries, everything was just perfect. The eclairs was good too and they looked even more pretty.




As we finished our meal, the manager of Sandwich Factory had a small talk about their concept and techniques which was really interesting. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for good and budget friendly eateries in Doha.

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You can find Sandwich Factory on Zomato, the restaurant guide and here .


11 thoughts on “Sandwich Factory | Uptake on the famous street foods

  1. Everything looks devine! Especially the Philly cheese steak… That bread looked really soft! Sounds like you all had a really good time. It reminds me that I need to have a food adventure with my friends too. 🙂

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