Italian Dinner at Biella | Zomato Meetup

Italian food is enjoyed by the whole world, thanks to their special sauces, spices and cheese. The Biella in The Pearl that recently opened its door to the public is no different. Infact Biella is a family favorite restaurant and the food is  always good.


An Invitation from Zomato Qatar, to taste the food at Biella was more than rejoicing. From the starters to the desserts, food kept coming and we kept eating. Zomato meetups are really a fun way to meet fellow food loving people and Ms. Hala, the community engagement lead at Zomato makes everyone so relaxed that you tend to eat little more than you actually thought of. We had an extensive menu for the night.


So the starters were Bresaola salad and fried calamari. I am not into calamari but I loved the salad that was full of Arugula. Arugula is my number one favorite leaf among the green veggies. It was followed by two kinds of pizza. One of them was a goat cheese pizza and for me goat cheese is a bit too strong. I happily had the chicken and mushroom pizza which was amazing.





There was no pause in between the courses. We were soon served the main courses of the night that included pastas and pizza. The pastas were Penne aurora, spinach ravioli in pesto sauce and gnocchi. The penne was just too good followed by the ravioli and gnocchi. I personally felt the servings were less for a huge group of foodies that we were. The gnocchi was dressed in a cheese sauce. Normally I cannot stand every kind of cheese but the gnocchi was good.

2016-04-05 23.19.26



The pizza margarita was perfect. Thin crusted and beautifully baked to perfection. And it was huge too.


Coming towards the end; desserts were classic Italian too. The Tiramisu, Sicilian cannoli and Panacotta with berry sauce was our dessert choices. All of us were served individual servings of the desserts. I would not have shared mine otherwise.[;)]


For those who know me I am not a coffee fan. But I would happily devour the cream layer of a Tiramisu. It was good despite being little on the liquidy side. The flavors were nice. The sicilian cannoli was too sweet but it had beautiful crunch. I really liked it. Last but not the least the panacotta with berry sauce was outstanding. The panacotta was just melt in your mouth consistency. Accompanying with the berry sauce made it even more merrier.


By the end I was in a food coma and did not want to come back to reality. A good Italian feast is what you can expect at Biella.


Have you dined from Biella? If not please do try, they have so many branches in Qatar. The Biella at Pearl is beautiful.

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored event by Zomato. All the reviews are mine.



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