Lunch at Mado Turkey

It was a cloudy and rainy day when my friend and I decided to have lunch at Mado Turkey at Pearl Qatar. After walking so much at the Pearl we were both looking for beautiful seating and ambience to dine in. At Mado Turkey both these met. It is absolutely classy and beautiful inside.


Mado Turkey is known for its beautiful icecream. The place was not crowded at all. Infact when we started dining, we were the only ones there. As hunger striked us really bad, we decided to directly order the main course without any starters.


The menu is extensive and we settled in for a Turkish ravioli and a lamb dish with rice. While our food was being prepared we were served a breadbasket with dips. The dips were good, apart from one that was some cheese that both of us did not like. My friend Khansa ordered the drink Ayran that was good too.


Our food was served really quick and it was so pretty. The pasta came in a big portion beautifully garnished with yogurt sauce and herbs. The pasta however was not seasoned with salt. It was a major disappointment. The lamb dish was served in a cute brass type cookware and it was sizzling when served. The portion size was huge. The rice that accompanied the dish was flavorful but in a very small portion size. The lamb sauce was the saver for the pasta.





Mado has so much desserts to offer. We were full from our meal, we skipped the dessert. Apart from one fly that was bothering but totally understandable with the open seating outside, the place is well maintained.


Did you dine at Mado? What was your experience like? Let me know!


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