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Nova Venezia | Artisan Gelato from Italy

The Qatar International Food Festival 2016 saw me discovering many new flavors. One of them was the Italian/ Venetian Gelato brand, Nova Venezia.



I heard the brand for the first time and it is an artisanal brand in Doha. Unlike other ice creams or gelatos this brand is fresh. Their gelatos last only two weeks and are prepared with milk instaed of cream. The secret of the creamy texture is a process called ‘mantecazione’ where it is frozen and churned slowly, so it doesn’t absorb so much air.



They had three flavors with vanilla, nuts and pistachio. I just went to try the Pistachio gelato and it was mindblowing. All you could taste was pistachios. Not anything like an extract or additive. Pure pistachio flavor. I am really hooked.

20160324_192300-1The gelato texture is amazing. There were some crispy wafers that paired really well with the gelato. I highly recommend this brand to everyone. Ice creams are never the same again. Unfortunately they do not have a shop in Doha but you can find more information here.


Did you try Nova Venezia Gelato? Do you like it? Let me know in comments below!


18 thoughts on “Nova Venezia | Artisan Gelato from Italy

    1. I think brand is in Qatar. They font have a shop yet and I am not sure from where do I get it again. I just had it at the food festival and then did not get time to go back and try.


    1. Yes, I hate the additive flavor of pistachio, reminds me of some childrens’ fever or cough syrup but this had the same taste as if We put whole postachio and milk together! Too good!


  1. This looks so amazing. I love gelato and pistachio flavor, especially. Not familiar with this brand, but would love to try it. What a lovely experience at the food show.


  2. I love gelato, but only if it’s fresh like this, and artisan made. When I was in Italy, I learned that those places that have 100 flavors are not good gelato! And to look at the colors. If it’s bright green, then it’s made with chemical flavors and colors, not fresh ingredients.Mint or pistachio should not be electric green!

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    1. True. This brand has just 3 flavors and very less addittives since they don’t have long expiry dates.


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