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The Hunger by Michael D. Young| Book Review

I love fantasy fiction that thrills the reader. When I was invited to review The Hunger I excitedly agreed. I read the synopsis, I was really excited to read The Hunger.


The book was a good read even though I did not enjoy so much. It is about Magic which is a subject I am not so interested. But as I read through I started getting involved with the character Azil that was my favorite.

At first it was introduction of many characters and as the story progresses everything and everyone are more clear. It is two stories that almost go seperate yet converge to the same point in the end.

The Hunger begins by meeting Azil, Evelet, Sarhah and Jamith. The story takes you on wild journey across a land where marauders and witchious animals rule and towns with secrets that take away your breaths. You get engulfed into the story. To surpass everything and get rid of the hunger to overcome death from an unknown enemy is what the story is about. The sceneries of the story is well described. I was getting pictures if it in my mind as I read through.

The climax of the story was unexpected. The twist was really surprising and I hope the readers enjoy it as much as I did.

The Hunger was a good thriller indeed.  I was invited to review this book before the launch. My views are my personal thoughts.

The Hunger is official launched and you can find it here .

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