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MARFA from MEMO PARIS| The Art Land Fragrance

Memo is a fragrance brand founded by John and Clara Molloy in 2007. Both of them had a lifelong love of travel and adventure that inspired the collection of fragrances that became Memo Paris. Memo creates memory fragrances so that when you put on a fragrance you actually travel back to your memories.


20160321_125018-1Being born in a perfume loving family, when I received the Invitation to the launch of ‘Marfa’ by Memo Paris from Blue Salon, I did not think back. The launch was held at Anima Lounge, Pearl Qatar. A beautiful themed lounge with books, art and food is what I can describe Anima Lounge as.

2016-04-11 00.20.542016-04-11 00.19.082016-04-11 00.18.24‘Marfa’ from Memo is about the fragrance of The Eye of a Tuberose. Designed for both men and women ‘Marfa’ is made of Oil of Mandarin, Orange Blossom Absolute, Agave Accord, Tuberose Absolute, Oil of Ylang Ylang, Oil of Sandalwood, Oil of Cedar, Vanilla seed and White Musk.




20160321_130115Marfa is a city in West Texas located between the Davis Mountains and Big Bend National Park. Marfa is also known for Contemporary Art Centres like Chinati Foundation and for the Marfa Lights. Marfa lights is the concept of ‘Marfa’ from Memo Paris. The package of Marfa from memo has sparkling eyes drawn randomly. Clara Molloy designed this to bring back the memory of stars gazing at you in Marfa.


The packaging of ‘Marfa’ is extraordinarily pretty. It comes in a box made of walnut wood and after the perfume is used, you can use the box as a postcard saver. John loves travelling and miss the postcards which we were all mad of in our childhood days. He also has released some postcards with pictures of ‘Marfa’, the Art Land along with the fragrance collection. I love the quote “As the Milky Way pioneers a sky blue trail, you fly by so rapidly; the street, half-cedar, half-sandalwood, ascends before you. Marfa: your theater, your sonnet, your creation, your innovation”20160321_133010-1


20160321_124156Clara also write fragrance poetry and the description of Marfa according to her is lovely. For Clara, places are living. They have wind, moods and seasons. Clara and John chose art as a place and made the place a masterpiece with the collection of their perfumes. According to Clara, Middle east is her most favorite perfume wearing place. Yes we bath ourselves in perfume clouds. John Molloy is a wanderer and travelling is his favorite activity. For them Journey is the Destination.




There was also the ‘French Leather’ from Memo Paris, a limited edition collection. The fragrance of ‘French Leather’ is like going into a rose garden. So fresh, so good. When you buy a French leather, you get a poetry collection of Clara as well. As Clara writes this in memory of the French leather;


To view the complete collection from Memo Paris, visit here


Did you try ‘Marfa’ and ‘French Leather’? Or any fragrances from Memo Paris? Tell me in comments below.






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