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‘Terre De Couler’ | Natural Hair Color at Noon Beauty Centre

We all know how much our hair needs nourishment. But all of us hurt our hair so much for the styles to match outfits, occassions or simply for a new trend.

Now coloring our hair has started centuries ago. But the chemical colors that are used in saloons are mere poison when it comes to health of our hair. Noon Beauty Saloon has started natural and organic beauty treatments and part of this is the introduction of natural hair coloring.



The ‘Couleur Naturelle’ Hair Workshop by Terre de couler of France held at Noon Beauty Center was a real inspiring event that taught about the effects of chemical hair colors on our hair and how using the natural coloring technique would save our valuable asset.

20160321_195557The colors are made of four components i.e the Dynamised Water, Clay, Mineral salts and Essential oils. The process of hair coloring is done like a treatment where they first apply masks for the treatment of the damaged hair and restore its health. Then the actual process of hair coloring is done.


The French curator of natural hair coloring ‘Terre de couler’, Mr. Remy Guyomarch had come to Noon Beauty and being a part of his teaching session about natural coloring, the advantages of this styling and the difference of natural verses chemicals were more than informative. Mr. Michael Ortega, specialist in natural hair coloring and cosmetology, really showed us the beauty and shine and color difference of natural hair coloring verses the conventional one. At the end of the workshop, Michael examined the hair of some of the ladies that attended the workshop and gave tips to what treatment they need to use.


According to the damage of your hair, the natural coloring takes anywhere from 4 to 10 sessions to receive the ultimate finish. Mr. Guyomarch worked in the conventional beauty field and he took 15 years to research and find out a healthy option to color the hair.

Yes it is expensive. But considering the amount spent to treat the consequences of chemicals that pass into your blood stream via the scalp during the chemical dying out ways the cost given during the natural hair coloring treatment.


You can view more of the natural makeup and hair coloring at Noon, here. Noon Beauty Center offers all kinds of beauty treatments , baths and the facilities here make you forget the rest of the world. So warm and lovely staff. You are going to get beautiful in and out.



Visit Noon Beauty Center and experience the amazing transformation which is really hard to believe. They have done a really beautiful job! and let me know if you like this post.





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