Fabulous discoveries at DJWE 2016

It is been little over a month since the Jewelry Exhibition in Doha was held and I am yet to write some of the beautiful and precious jewelry and Watches that I cam across there. It was an amazing show with so many designs to see and feel. For those of you who were not able to make it to DJWE 2016, hope I can show you a glimpse of what was at the exhibition.


Let me begin with a luxury Smart watch from Tag Heuer, The “Connected”. The watch of new generation is certainly the Smart watches. We have seen Apple Watch take over our lives but people looking for luxury can have an amazing Tag Heuer Connected now. Lots of features and can be connected with IOS or Android it is certainly going to be a favorite. See the pictures for the styles Tag Heuer Connected has to offer. The different faces of the watch are designed by the special ambassadors of Tag Heuer.


Coming to the Blue Salon stand, they had to offer some of the world’s most luxurious timeless collections of watches and jewelry. Starting with Jacob and Co., Blue Salon defines luxury into fine details. My findings at Blue Salon were definitely the Jacob and Co., which you can read about here.

The second most beautiful watches came from Zenith. El Primero by Zenith is the most precise series made chronograph and the first automatic chronograph in history.


Another beauty that awaited at the Blue Salon was the DiGo jewelry brand which I instantly fell for. The diamond and ruby designs were simply amazing.


Korloff watches was among the first things introduced to me from Blue Salon when I went to checkout their collections and boy! they are superb. A watch that can be worn with two faces. Flip and you have a new watch. They have models for both ladies and gents. A little heavy but the design is really cut off.



My Father loves Pens. He loves Pen as gifts more than anything else and I love shopping for beautiful Pens for him. Blue Salon has a beautiful collection of one of the kind Pens from Montegrappa and the designs were too good. Expensive, but masterpieces.



Indian Jewelry was one of the highlights at DJWE 2016. The intricate designs and use of very valuable uncut diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and with unbelievable craftsmanship, some of the designs I fell in love with are these. The designs are from Amrapali and Gems and Jewels Palace.





Adolfo Courrier is the design that can be called as my ultimate favorite. Speaking to the legendary designer himself, I got to know the brand new TV Collection that he introduced to the DJWE 2016 before even officially launching them. And yes they were so good, made of amethysts and so colorful my wish list has just that piece of jewelry. The Wet Drop effect on the bracelets really caught my eyes.20160227_173254

ĹThere was the beautiful Pearl Jewelry from Tahiti, Robert Wan. Being a Pearl lover, admiring the beauty of their jewelry was a delectable experience. Robert Wan boasts of Organic Pearl Jewelry. Their oysters grow in a stress free and organic food fed environment to have the most beautiful pearls. Qatar has restarted Pearl jewlery which was once the economy of Qatar, with Robert Wan. There were three jewelry pieces made of pearls harvested from Qatar.


Robert Wan Pearl Jewelries are made mostly with dark colored and perfect pearls. Here are pictures to see the beauties.



The one stand that stood out was  the Al Bidaa Swords. Swords are a heritage gift in Qatar and the swords at Al Bidaa showcased ultimate workmanship and luxury. Have a look at these.




SCAVIA, the beautiful jeweler from Italy had some of the most colorful collections and this necklace made of thousands of tiny microscopic pearls. Amazing!



Last of my post is the jewelry creations from Pasquale Bruni. The details of the intricate designs makes it one of my favorites.



There was so much more than this. Ultimate luxury brands like Rolex, Chanel, Cartier, Dior, Chopard, Boucheron and the list goes on, all of them had amazing collections. I summed up some of the jewelries that really caught my eyes!

Read some of my other Designer Jewelry posts, here, here and here.

Did you visit DJWE 2016? Are you a fan of luxurious jewelry? Let me know!


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