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The Manhattan Fish Market~ Seafood Goodness

The Manhattan Fish Market has opened its doors to people of Qatar in the beginning of March 2016. To attend an Invitation from Zomato as a special guest for the official inaugration was delightful and had me little skeptical too. The thing was , I am not a very fishy person. Infact I have so many rules that I have set, some of which have shaken off after Manhattan, that made me thinking whether I should really say yes. But I can’t thank enough for the food they served. In a word, the food at Manhattan Fish Market is mindblowing.



So when we arrived there was a little confusion as the place was criwded. Literally got me thinking, where all the people waiting to just come here! Located opposite to Radisson Blu, the place is easy to find. It took sometime to settle and get seated but there was plenty of pictures to take during the wait. The interiors are interesting and fun.


We had a set menu for the night but we were served extras too. The highlight of the place is as the name suggests, seafood but there is something for the non fish eaters too. They have a seperate drinks menu and it has some really amazing drinks. We had sweet beverage which I cannot recall the name.




As the place was crowded, the waiters did not actually know what to do in specific. All we could see was running here and there but it looked lively enough. We were served Cream of Beetroot soup, which was a beautiful creamy soup with no hint of beetroot. I am not a beetroot fan so I was happy with the flavor. But the soup was not hot. I love steaming hot soups but this was very cold.



The starter was fried mushrooms with a sweet and spicy sauce. The mushrooms were so soft and delicious but the sauce was a bit too sweet for me. The portion was good size and accompanied by fresh salad. We had a surprise at this point when they served us another starter with bread and oysters in creamy garlic sauce. Personally the sauce was the highlight of the night. I loved it so much that I ate everything else dipped into this creamy goodness. However I did not try the oysters but my fellow diners loved it.




For the main course, there were two kinds of platters. The flamed seafood platter was served to us with the flaming done right in front of our eyes. So, did I enjoy, yes. But I was scared because there were kids running all over the place and I was more concerned about that. Of course they are people trained to fire. So no accidents. It was marvellous, the flaming technique where they melted some cheesy sauce on prawns.20160303_205338-1



The flamed platter consisted of batter fried fish and chips, fried calamari and oysters and grilled prawns with butter rice. The portion size is huge that can be easily shared by four people. So I tried oysters from this platter and I fell in love. My one fishy rule broke here. It was a creamy and juicy perfectly cooked oyster inside the amazing fried batter. The fish and chips was great too. Not a fan of prawns and calamari, I did not try that.

The second platter had the amazing grilled fish with garlic sauce, calamari and a spicy prawns with rice. This platter came with the most delicious oysters in creamy garlic sauce, we were so happy. Again the serving size is so huge there was so much leftovers. Ordering two dishes will completely satisfy a big group of 5 to 6 people. In short I loved the main course.


The dessert for the night was Chocolate Mud Pie. It  was not something extraordinary but by the end of the feasting I was feeling really hot and the mudpie was a good delight because it was super cold.



Need to pass by again to try out their special drinks and other foods. I also recommend serving bigger plates to eat because we had a small butter dish and the food portions and size was huge. May be visiting during a calm day would be a different experience. The food is delicious and I would definitely visit this place again for the amazing seafood they have.


Thank you Zomato for the Invitation.

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions and feedbacks are my personal thoughts.




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