Maria Joao Bahia~ Portugese Jewelry Designer

Wearing designer Jewelry is a pride. And when the Jewelry designer is a mere kind hearted, talented woman whom you can call a friend is even more prouder. At the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition 2016, I had the privilege to meet and know Maria Joao Bahia, a Portugese Jewelry designer who had designed some exclusive pieces of jewelry for DJWE and her designs were inspired by Qatar and Qatari culture.


Dreaming about Jewelry and diamonds since childhood, Maria has completed 30 years in the jewelry making field and has become a lucky charm for many.Her creations are not limited to metals and precious stones. It is where art and luxury is perfectly combined. She incorporates materials like corals, crystals and pearls apart from gold and diamonds.




It was Maria’s first time in Qatar and she did an exclusive and unique collection named Desert Jewels. Maria got her inspiration for jewelry making from the research she did about Qatari culture of pearls, birds and flowers. What I love about Maria’s desert Jewels Collection is the intricate details given to each piece. She has carefully designed and curated some of the most eye catching jewelries for the DJWE 2016.


Maria Joao Bahia exclusively designed the bird “falcon” which holds a salient place in the Qatari heritage, for the DJWE 2016. This collection consisted of the Caparao (falcon hood), Saker Falcon (half falcon earrings) and the falcon ring. The details amazes me even now.




Maria also designed a set of jewelry with Qatar map as the prime focus. The necklace, earrings, ring and cufflink, all have the perfect Qatar map on them. A true delight for me and I am sure it is not easy to make a map with gold and diamonds. Her skills are praiseworthy.




Another fact that made me in love with the designs were the description of the designs. Maria had made the Desert Jewels inspired from different flowers and pearls found in Qatar. Enjoy Maria Joao Bahia’s designs with these pictures. I am sure the true essence of her designs have not been captured in these images.




Did you like Maria Joao Bahia designs? Head out to view more here.


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