AMO Abayas~ A luxury Abaya brand from Italy

So, I wanted to write about the Deisgner Abayas- AMO, since last two weeks but so many things came in between. Being a crazy Abaya loving woman that I am, be ready to read so much more Abaya posts. I can forever go browsing through Abaya designers’ pages and pictures without getting bored even for a second. One such day I happened to come accross AMO Abayas, and I was in love with the very special designs the designer had to offer.


Alice Giani Margi, an Italian who lives in Riyadh, KSA, a beautiful woman at heart, is the awesome designer behind the luxurious AMO Abayas. Alice is a wife and mom of a beautiful boy and an active sportswoman. She has worked on AMO project for the past two years and officially launched her Abayas this winter. AMO is a high end 100% hand-made in Italy Abayas. Alice is a professional horse-back rider and trainer. My sister, Miss F, loves horse riding and Alice , she is going to love you more than your Abayas! Alice can be defined as an Italian girl with an Arab heart!



About how Alice started AMO Abayas, she goes on to say, ” When I moved to Riyadh six years ago, I couldn’t find on the market Abayas that could be comfortable and suit my busy lifestyle,and that is why I started working on this project with the aim to create a modest garment that could fit the needs of modern women in the GCC and around the world and could put the Italian manufacture at the service of modest fashion”.

_MG_6796 1

When it comes to making her Abayas, Alice personally hand select the fabric with her team based in Milan. AMO Abayas are focused on modesty, quality and comfort. It includes an Elegant line, a Casual line and a Sports line plus accessories that include veils, turbans and hoodied veils.

Going into the details, the Elegant line of AMO Abayas are mde of viscose, silk, lace and gorgeous Italian luxurious fabrics and trimmings. Luxurious yet still comfortable. With the Casual and Sports line, Alice has introduced a new patent design for Abayas, the hair-lock system. Speak about intelligence and creativity!!  She wanted to go beyond comfort and achieve the perfect fit by using stretchy, resistant, transparent, wrinkle free fabrics, functional hoods and with the  hair-lock system, you can move freely without worrying about your  hair slipping out and durable zippers. AMO introduced new cuts and new Tarha designs with the hair-lock system that have never been seen on Abayas before. AMO is really proud of their Sports line Abayas, which allows the customers to practice light sport activities in total comfort and modesty. You can go jogging with your Abayas!



Alice believes in providing a product that is useful for women and make them feel stylish at the same time. She does not focus solely on Arab women wearing her Abayas but all women who love to dress modestly. Being a new designer , Alice speaks ” I am a new designer myself, and I think it is important for upcoming designers to bring something new and valuable in their collections and focus on customer service. Go for it! Work hard and believe in your goals. Face the difficulties with kindness and determination. I would have never thought I would be designing Abayas, life is always surprising me”. Life is full of surprises! Soon AMO Abayas will see its expansion in the whole of GCC.

Currently AMO Abayas are available to purchase from Lati Fashion in Riyadh. Good for you friends who are in Saudi!

You can shop AMO collection from Haute-Elan (worldwide shipment).


Do you think you like the AMO Abayas as much as me, check out AMO’s website and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and know more!


With love






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