My Qatar – A little about what Qatar is for me

As a new blogger in Qatar, the Qatar bloggers link-up party hosted by Follow Your Sunshine, is the perfect chance for me to connect with fellow bloggers in Qatar. I could go on writing about Qatar because I love this place more than anywhere else in this whole world. Born and raised in Qatar, this is home for me and my family. Wherever I go, I yearn to come back to Qatar. Qatar is the place where I find peace and inner happiness.


I did my schooling and college in Qatar. I got engaged to my soulmate in Qatar and have my best friends here. The Corniche, beaches, Al Meera and parks in Qatar has my childhood memories flashing up in front of me. I have seen the growth of Qatar, from the single Sheraton on the coastline to all the recent towers. Qatar has given us all the blessings we are living in now. Qatar has given me opportunities of who I am today and I promise I would love this place forever.


I almost know all the streets, beaches, parks, hotels, restaurants and malls in Qatar. The milestones Qatar has achieved in Organizing Sporting  Events is worth appreciating. Starting with the Asian Games 2006 to the upcoming World Cup Football 2022, Sports has been a celebration for Qatar. Souq Waqif and the new Hamad International Airport is my favorite in Qatar!






Qatar is the place I want to be forever. This is where my family and friends are and I cannot thank Almighty enough for bringing us to this land.


With love



10 thoughts on “My Qatar – A little about what Qatar is for me

  1. It must be wonderful to witness the changes Qatar has gone through – from the single Sheraton hotel to a fabulous West Bay skyline which has now become Qatar’s trademark I guess. 🙂
    Thanks for joining #QatarLinkUp, don’t forget to visit other blogs who joined and give them some loving too.

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