Red Velvet Cake -Experience of an Addict

I love desserts. I can eat dessert as breakfast, lunch or dinner. I can skip off the starters, ignore the main course but I cannot leave the desserts. Thanks to my sweet-tooth, I am always on the lookout for elegant desserts. I love beautifully garnished and elegantly plated desserts but I also love simply served desserts. But, Oh But, I am not a fan of chocolate desserts. I love chocolates and selected chocolate desserts but I cannot enjoy chocolate always.

For me I like mild and sweet flavors of fruits and vanilla. Creamy desserts and I am sold. I love mousses, tarts, cheesecakes, puddings and the list goes on and on. My recent addiction is the   Great Red Velvet Cake. I have not tried making Red Velvet mainly because there is so much options in Qatar for good red velvet cakes. I am writing about 3 different cakes that I tried. Its like asking whom you love the most to a kid, mom or dad!! But I have my favorite among these 3 red velvets.

The MRA Signature Red Velvet Cake


Firstly let me introduce the Signature Red Velvet cake from MRA Restaurant and Bakery. The Red Velvet that MRA offers is the best. My personal favorite. It is incredibly moist, delicious red color and to die for cream cheese frosting. If you pass by the MRA outlet in Al Markhiya, they have  a really huge refrigerator full of Red Velvet Cakes which makes me think I need to buy the whole fridge. The cake in MRA is not so tall, it is like compressed 3 layers of heavenly goodness. It is very soft and light. You can eat it like a pudding.

The Red Velvet Cheesecake from Magnolia Bakery


The Red Velvet cake from Magnolia Bakery is the second one I tried. I had the Red Velvet Cheesecake from here. This cake is for the chocolate lovers. The base is an intense chocolate cake, something like a moist brownie, the cheescake is beautifully red, infact my mouth was red after eating this! Too much color may be. But the frosting on top is not cream cheese. Nonetheless tasty enough! I loved the texture. It was sticky and soft. A little chocolate shavings on top was great!

The Perfectly frosted Red Velvet Cake from The Coffee Bean & Tea leaf


My most recent trial of Red Velvet cake was from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, West Bay. They have a good selection of cakes. The tall beautifully arranged perfect triangle pieces. The cream cheese frosting is so neat. The texture is good, moist but I think it could be a little more lighter. One slice of cake and you are full. I love to eat more than one!! Personally this was the most beautiful one that I tried.

So, my favorite Red Velvet Cake is still from MRA Bakery. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do. MRA is a signature Indian food restaurant with many outlets in Qatar and India.


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