The Sweet Sensation~ Caramel

City Centre Rotana, the brand new five star hotel in the heart of West Bay, Doha has one of the most beautiful Cafe Lounge in Qatar- CARAMEL LOBBY LOUNGE. It was a pleasant surprise when I was invited to review the new hotel and I was keenly looking forward to the day. It was a cold morning and the interiors were just warm and cozy that made me forget the temperature drop outside.

The Caramel Lobby Lounge is just left of the entrance to the City Centre Rotana, and its a lavish and cozy lounge with many kinds of seating arrangements with different views. The color themes are warm with some light hues here and there. A perfect place to sit and sip on your favorite hot/ cold beverage and eat yummy snacks or breakfast and get lost from the rest of the world. The furniture’s are elegant and classy and I really do feel that I did not spend much time there as needed. So, will be there again soon.

Caramel Lobby Loungue
Caramel Lobby Lounge

As the name of the Cafe Lounge, Caramel is a home to the most delicious and lovely looking homemade dulcet pastries and chocolates that just made my heart beat a little faster. It is really a home to so many beautiful desserts.

Pastries selection

As a person who do not drink tea or coffee, I know I am weird and I get all kinds of comments from what do you drink and how to do you live exclusively on water! I was offered the selection of milkshakes and I happily settled in for their Signature Caramel Milkshake. It was a cold day but the cafe was warm and cozy and for me anytime is dessert time. The Caramel Milkshake came in very huge tall glass beautifully garnished with chocolate decorations and whipped cream topping. It was a pleasure to my taste buds and was a huge portion , I could not finish it.I would have preferred it a little less sweet though, but after all its caramel. It was perfect.

Signature Caramel milkshake

The Caramel Lobby Lounge has a huge selection of homemade pastries, chocolates and cakes. The selection include delicious and mouthwatering chocolate truffles with distinct flavors, beautifully decorated and covered chocolate bars, amazing assortment of pastries that are freshly prepared and big fat meringues that really steals the show! The pastries included super awesome eclairs with different fillings,cinnamon rolls, donuts and muffins. Caramel lobby Lounge also have an exclusive a la carte menu filled with breakfast choices, sandwiches, puddings and cakes.

Assorted chocolates
Assorted Chocolates
Big fat Meringues


My experience at Caramel was amazing and I am really looking forward to going there again soon. It is a perfect place to be alone or with friends. Thank you Jenson Samuel, E-Commerce Executive of City Centre Rotana for inviting me to review your awesome hotel.

More of City Centre Rotana posts coming up. Stay tuned..

With love



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