M. Asam~ Tradition of Beauty since 1963

M. Asam is a 50 year old German family owned business that  creates fine cosmetics and anti-aging products with the power of grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil as we all know is an excellent skin moisturizer that naturally helps if you are dealing with acne, aging or rough spots.  Incorporating grapeseed oil into cosmetics is delightful because you can make sure that the beauty product is going to work on your skin.

Today I am reviewing two products from M. Asam and I love them. Before that Enayaty Qatar, is the sole agent of M. Asam in Qatar. When they asked me to write reviews about their products I was so happy. M. Asam products are little on the expensive side but so is the ingredients. The products really work as directed and I think most of the people who used their night creams really rave about them.

M. Asam Aqua Intense™ Moisture Recharge Night Cream

M. Asam Aqua Intense™ Moisture Recharge Night Cream

The M. Asam Aqua Intense™ Moisture Recharge Night Cream is an emulsion of different seed oils that is so good for the skin. If you have dry, stressed or mature skin this is the cream for you. Apply it after your night routine and forget about it and sleep. The moisturizing blanket created by hyaluronic acid of M. Asam Aqua Intense™ Moisture Recharge Night Cream cares for your skin from deep inside. The features of M. Asam Aqua Intense™ Moisture Recharge Night Cream are:


  • Fragrance-free formula
  • Contains our breakthrough hyaluronic acid complex
  • Formulated with silicium, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia nut oil, shea butter, vitamin E and panthenol


M. Asam Aqua Intense™ Moisture Recharge Night Cream helps to reduce appearance of wrinkles apart from generously moisturizing the skin from within. Also helps to get the plump face but temporarily. You can get up to a soft and recharged face each morning with this in-sleep beauty technique.

The package consist of one 1.69 fl. oz. M. Asam Aqua Intense™ Moisture Recharge Night Cream. The tub is cute and the texture is rich creamy. Leaves no residue on skin after you apply which I really love. I hate it when its like you dipped your face in oil and its shining like a shooting star.


M.Asam Magic Finish Make-up


M. Asam Magic Finish 1.01 fl. oz. AS

M.Asam Magic Finish Make-up is an amazing mattifying foundation mousse that can hide any redness, uneven skin tones, and bumps perfectly. This is a product that can be used on all skin types and all ages. A real magic as the name suggests because each of us have different skin. The M.Asam Magic Finish Make-up replaces make-up primer, concealer and powder. Wow, no need to be concerned over the right concealer anymore.

Features of M.Asam Magic Finish Make-up are:

Lightweight, wrinkle-filling makeup mousse

  • Instantly and temporarily provides a light, matte, natural-looking finish
  • Provides light to medium or full coverage depending on application
  • Reduces the appearance of small wrinkles, enlarged pores, redness and other imperfections
  • Conceals uneven skin tone
  • Offers a flawless, radiant, healthy, sun-kissed appearance
  • No need for powder

Silky texture

  • Blends beautifully into your skin
  • Helps leave skin feeling silky and smooth

More Features

  • Contains the light vanilla fragrance
  • Suitable for most skin types
  • Lasts up to 3-6 months, depending on coverage

M.Asam Magic Finish Make-up acts as a natural make-up, without clogging the pores and so the skin can breath well.It creates the smooth velvety matte finish and gives an even complexion that radiates. it stays on the skin until you wash away and one thing I love is you can wash this away by using just water.

The package comes with a 1.01 fl. oz. Magic Finish Makeup tub and the mousse texture is awesome. I am the kind of person that do not fret over makeups and I do not apply too much make-up too. So this is for me. Finally a makeup product that does not need a mirror to apply.

About Enayaty Qatar

Enayaty Qatar, has lots of cosmetics for face, hair, eyes, hands, body, foot, nails and even after birth! You can expect amazing products from here.”Enayaty’s” objective is to become the premier platform women think of when talking about beauty, health and preventing age factors. For more details please visit Enayaty Qatar.

The official page of M. Asam products, click here.


Do you use m Asam beauty products? If so what is your experience like? Write below.


With love







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