Empowering Women Together- A series of Inspiration

“There is no tool for development than the empowerment of women”

Kofi Annan

You are never too old for realizing who you want to be inside and out. Women Empowerment means being seen and heard.Women often struggle to find their voices – and to make them heard. The world would be a much more beautiful place if we all came together as one and support each other regardless of race, religion, language and cultural differences. After all, we were all created into two types; man and woman.

In pursuit of such an aim, I landed into a group of extraordinarily talented and selfless women who would like to make this earth a beautiful place to live in without any barriers ensuring global peace. When I was invited to attend the first meetup of ‘WCT’, little did I know I was going to be a part of such amazing personalities with even greater hearts. The event was held at the beautiful W Cafe of The W Doha, a beautiful five star hotel in the heart of West Bay area, Doha-Qatar.

The beautiful flower arrangements at the W Doha

“Women Come Together” lead by Eurydice Iliaki, lovingly called Evry, a passionate young Greek woman, who has clearly achieved what it takes to help and support woman to regain their self esteem and to provide emotional assistance  in a transparent and honest way. The meeting held at W Cafe was the first of its kind of the group and also the realization of a dream of Evry. I am so glad that I am a part of someone’s dream that came true. The event was held to describe the role of the group in the community, to announce activities that encourage and support women, such as health issues, nutrition, spiritual and so on. The event is like a friendship ball which keeps the women close together like a ball that has no ends.

2016-01-12 23.09.02
The awesome W Cafe

The amazing women apart from the super awesome Evry were, Dora, Madeleine, Aysegul, Nuzhath, Ana, Ioanna, Yuko, Sunita, Roza, Aida and me. In spite of being different nationalities and some of us meeting and knowing each other for the first time, it was like as if we all knew each other for ages. That is the power of beautiful hearts when connected with each other. The session was extremely informal and the host Evry was so friendly and ensured all of us were as comfortable as possible. All the women I met here are like people whom all of them want in their life; extremely  kind hearted and service oriented people who can just hug you and you forget all the pain in the world. Its really a blessing to be part of such individuals who are really having high profile jobs and life, yet they decide to help women and also want to help the environment because literally its heart breaking to see the pollution we have today.

Eurydice Iliaki, as mentioned was the host and she clearly defined the group objectives and why we were there. Explaining how women can help other women who are in need without any prejudice or barriers, Evry has created a group where we think humanity still exists. She works as a life/ Career coach and an Inspirational speaker, she can make you realize what your dreams are and can bring out the strong and happy woman in you that was hidden away with the pressures of day to day life situations. Evry can make you realize your dreams which is one absolute necessity when you don’t have the motivation to find and chase what you long for in your heart. She was so kind in asking how she or the group could help in achieving each one of our dreams. It was awesome to hear you speak Evry! I couldn’t get enough of you. You have showed me a new light and I am going to make sure it stays illuminated in my life forever.

Dora Papadopoulou, A Greek national, an Orthopaedic Surgeon by profession is a woman with such amazing heart that can go all the way to help someone. She even works as a Visiting Lecturer at recognized Medical Schools of the world. Dora is a ‘Volunteer mother’ of 47 kids back in Greece which just makes her have a really special place in my heart. Not all woman can have so much love for mankind and loving all 47 kids is not a joke. Her motto is ‘be nice and take everything as it is’. She funnily says that she sleeps only 4 hours a day as there is so much that she does in the rest 20 hours. I think Dora, you deserve a little more rest.

Madeleine Olsson, a Swedish and an Osteopath by profession, arrived to Doha ten years ago and she really did not have an idea about Doha back then. Madeleine has a heart for recycling things. It  breaks her heart to see the environment getting dumped with waste. She emphasizes on reusing material possessions and exchanging or donating rather than throwing them away. She goes to explain that in this world, a rich country is that which have clean air to breath, fresh water to drink and rich soil to plant. You are really correct Madeleine. Praying for world peace and love for all she wants to teach simplicity in life. With a great sense of humor, Madeleine is a great woman, inside and out.

Different wastes should go to different recycling bins

Nuzhath Khan, coming from the rich cultures of Hyderabad, India, is a self taught henna designer in Qatar. A great observer and artist. She is really happy to help anyone coming for it. Her henna designs are really very beautiful. And I wish you all success and fortune.


Yuko Ozawa, a cute Japanese woman, who specializes in Macrobiology is an example of great heart. Yuko conducts workshops and seminars on topics related to our body and energy. She conducts energy treatments and want to make people understand about the physical, fluid and body energy and the effect of energy on our bodies. Her advice is to love ourselves, not to worry over things and not to be harsh on ourselves. A very emotional woman, Yuko, I am sure I have found a very good friend in you.

Aida Berberi, a French national and a lively and smiley woman, specializes in Reflexology and microbiology. She loves Arts and now trying to lead an organic lifestyle. Aida dreams of seperating religion and spirituality. Living a healthy life and being happy are her advises to women.

Ioanna Langa, again a Greek woman, is a literature lover and works at a Publication house. She loves Art too and her dream is to start a coffee shop with her art works and workshops. She also dreams of peace and clean environment.

Aysegul Ozyaman Ergen, from Turkey is an English lecturer now enjoying her retired life. She is an avid listener and a very calm and polite person. Aysegul too gets heart broken by environmental pollution and wants to live in a world of peace and prosperity.

Sunita Kumar, an Indian coming from the fashion capital of India, Mumbai, is an example of how much strength a woman can endure in life. She loves to face life with all the challenges and puts all her thoughts into paintings. A Fashion Designing and Organizing Expert, Sunita has so much wisdom and lessons from the life she has lived. She has beautiful dreams and will go to any extent to fulfill them. A determined woman we can say!

Roza Makri, a General Surgeon from Greece can be perfectly described as beauty with brains who wants to encourage and educate woman about breast cancer. She would love to educate the men and people in general about woman harassment and mocking. She wants to prove the world that women can do all the things men can and even better. Her dream is to start a cancer clinic and we wish you luck and success, Roza. Roza is a woman with set ideas and clear goals.

Ana Koncz de Castro, a young lady from Romania is a Certified Nutritionist living the vegan life and making healthy raw chocolates. She wants to nurture our inner beauty while nourishing our outer beauty. Ana is keen is describing and teaching healthy living and also in giving wellness sessions. She grows her small garden and use these natural goodness in her superfoods. Ana also makes organic skin products.Talk about creativity! When you are nurturing your body with superfoods inside why apply chemicals to look beautiful. Organic skin products contains enzymes which really work wonders on skin. Ana is an example of great determination and a beautiful heart. Ana says that those who were against her in the beginning of her holistic living are now following her. Way to go Ana! I am sure more success is waiting at your doorstep.

Bliss Raw Chocolate


Bliss Raw Chocolate



Bliss Organic Skincare

For me it was the amazing friends from different parts of the world coming together for women that warms my heart. This meeting has showed me how people can help others emotionally and also to live for a cause. Evry, you have instilled a feeling of security  and faith through this group. I truly enjoyed this first meeting and really looking forward to more of WCT get-togethers. Wishing all these women success, beautiful health and great spirit. And I hope to see this circle grow bigger.

Would you like to empower women or do you think you need some kind of emotional help? Do you think you need to change your lifestyle but have limited access to information as to how to live the holistic way? If your answers are yes, please join our group and I promise you that you will find friends and family for life.

With love



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