SIMO ~ The Luxury Jeweller and Couturiere

” People will stare. Make it worth their while”

– Harry Winston

Creative people find a way to make masterpieces from anything they lay their hands on. Creativity requires passion and commitment. You stand out with your creativity when you have put so much effort in making something that the product stands out like a gem on a throne on its own. The luxury and class follows. Creativity is the most crucial factor for future success.

Simona Kreivenaite El-Fiky, commonly called Simo after her brand SIMO is a fashion talent born out of creativity, passion and hard work. Coming from mixed cultures, her designs combine modernity with traditionalism in the most beautiful way. Handcrafting each piece on her own, Simo is truly an inspiration for people with imagination and talents.



The signature necklaces and handcuffs that Simo designs, is an art of displaying semi precious stones, crystals, metal chains, cotton and crochet techniques into a beautiful jewelry piece that perfectly compliments the woman wearing them. . She strongly stands on her ideology of a unique piece of SIMO, by making each piece a little different, the specialty of her luxury brand. Be it any occasion and SIMO pieces beautifully compliments any look and make you a star. Intricately designed, marvelous colors and attention given to each detail, SIMO is a treat to the eyes and a pride for the heart.

SIMO Paris

If you need to honor a special place in your heart by showcasing it on your person, we have the one-of -a kind, handmade piece for you.

SIMO Hand Jewelry

Today I am writing about a small chat I had with the woman behind SIMO, about how she started jewelry making and what is the latest in designs she has to offer.

SIMO tagline ‘ By Women For Women’, tell us about yourself.

My name is Simona Kreivenaite El-Fiky, a Lithuanian. I am a designer in Qatar providing luxury fashion for women with the vision to support the modest Arab women’s identity and values . I come from a mixed culture of European modernity and Oriental traditionalism and my designs are a result of this fusion.


Croissants Neck Piece


When and how did you start SIMO?

In 2012, SIMO was launched worldwide as a professional luxurious fashion. That’s when I launched my first official jewelry collection. My interest in natural stones and crochet technique started at an early age of eleven, and that is when I made my first jewelry.

Tasseled rope necklace

Do you purchase the materials needed for your designs yourself ?

 Yes, I do hand select and double check all the materials myself. I do not make any materials needed for my works. I make sure I select the best for my designs because I want them to be 100% perfect. Each of the SIMO pieces is designed and fully handcrafted by me giving attention to every single detail .

Designing material selection


Now that you have started handbags and clothes, how do you see the difference now and then when you only designed jewelries?

People still know me more for my jewelry. I am just entering the market of clothing and handbags, however the feedback was very overwhelming. I am happy to be able to offer wider range of my designed pieces for the ladies, who have been asking for this long ago.

Cobra flap


Mini Cobra 
10154484_665057893636442_2149744361678399889_n (1)
VIP luxury Business/travel handbag


Did you see this huge success when you started SIMO?

SIMO stared very naturally. In the beginning it was only me, my family and my supportive friends that made a circle of SIMO. And by time it grew up to what it is today – SIMO pieces have traveled to all the continents of the world. Alhamdulelah.

Desert Rose


Lei Cape

Each SIMO piece is unique, how did you come up with this beautiful concept?

The fashion market is so overloaded nowadays. So much of “synthetic fashion” as I call it. Massive production. I wanted to make something else, something special. I wanted every woman that wears SIMO not only to wear it but to feel it too. The new lines of clothing and handbags are also limited edition.

Black Blossoms- Pearl

What are your future plans?

The nearest plan is the reveal of my TRAVEL ’16 collection. It is focused on those women that have no time spending hours in front of the mirror every day, but they still never forget to be fabulous. Moms, business women, housewives, students. Specially for these women I designed easy wearable, easy to match pieces. At great prices too!


How do you define success and what is your advice for new comers or to people with talents?

Success.. Hmm… It’s more rizq from Allah than success. You just do your best and the rest is already planned for you. Staying original is the key, as the world is already full of fake copycats.

Bora Bora Set


Awesome you are Simona! We wish you all success and fortune. May The Almighty bless you with more special designs. Stay beautiful and blessed always. You have a very special name and a very special place in my heart. I personally love your new Abaya collection. Its splendid!

SIMO is an inspiration to people with talent as to how you can make your skills and passion a success.

To view all of SIMO and her new works, visit SIMO.

You can check out SIMO collection at DOT Beauty, Doha-Qatar.

You can also purchase SIMO from Haute-Elan, the premiere destination for luxury modest fashion.




Did you experience SIMO designs? If so please share your experience.


With love








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