Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner Review

I am always in search of good eyeliners really because i have a very small eye and there is no room for winged eyeliners or any broad beautiful eyeliner designs being applicable to my eyes. All I can do is a thin line of eyeliner application.

I know there are many excellent eyeliners in top brands which I would like to try, but for now I am experimenying on over the counter ones. I am really happy to find the Maybelline Master precise liquid eyeliner. The one that has worked for me with a fine ultra black line that I love using time and again.
Thankyou @maybelline for creating this beauty for women like me. The tip is fine and its basically like a fine marker pen. The color is a beautiful black and is waterproof too. Doesn’t smudge and gives a beautiful look to the eyes.
Enhance your beauty ladies.




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